Monday, February 11, 2008

Spay & Neuter Collars on Newsday Blog

So, we usually don't "toot our own horn" but we just got word that our spay & neuter collars are in a Newsday bloggers entry titled 'handmade fashions go to dogs'.

This is exciting for us, as we are very passionate about rescue and responsible pet ownership, thus the reason we've custom designed our line of designer dog collars to promote such an important cause.

By sure to check out the rest of the Cheap Thrills Newsday Blog - they provide links to a lot of crafters, etsy artists and DIY-ers that offer unique, high quality items you can't find anywhere else!

And, of course, follow this link to see the entire collection of Save Lives, Spay & Neuter collars for dogs AND cats!

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