Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Our own custom design with an important message...Save Lives, Spay & Neuter Pet Collars

We are excited to announce that our long awaited Spay & Neuter dog & cat collars are now available. We firmly believe in spaying and neutering all pets and hope that our customers will help promote this important message by allowing their pets to proudly wear one of our exclusively designed “Save Lives, Spay & Neuter” dog and cat collars. Staggering numbers of pets lose their lives in the streets or due to lack of space in overcrowded shelters. This can be prevented if the general public would spay and neuter our pets. It’s also very important to make sure your pets wear a form of identification at all times, whether this be by wearing an engraved pet id tag on their collars, or by microchip. Though, even micro-chipped pets should have visible identification displayed in the event they do escape from home and someone finds them in the street, it will be much easier and faster for them to locate you.Feline Fido has volunteered at various shelters and rescue groups, fosters abandoned animals and donates a portion of our profits to many organizations and charities including (but not limited to) Susan G. Komen for the Cure (including local affiliates and fundraising efforts) and the Autism Society of America. We also donate our unique products to various animal rescue groups for to be worn by adoptable animals or sold in charity auctions and raffles, to raise money for dog & cat rescue organizations. We will continue this tradition by starting a new donation program with our "Save Lives, Spay & Neuter" collar collection. Each month we will choose a rescue and/or shelter to be the recipient of the donation proceeds from the Feline Fido spay and neuter products. We will donate 15% of the net proceeds from each S&N dog or cat collar to the select rescue group of the month. So, spread the word if your group has been selected as the designated rescue of the month, or just because you want to promote the importance of spaying & neutering!

November 2007: Bide-a-wee, NY
December 2007: Greater Birmingham Humane Society, Birmingham, AL and Chow Chow Rescue of Northern California, a.k.a. NorCal Chow Rescue