Friday, February 29, 2008

Skagway, Alaska - Small town, Big Heart

Many of you know that we are supporting the efforts of a 3 year old boy in alaska to bring home his autism assistance dog. We were so excited to read the story Trapper's Keepers (as a child of the 80's I can certainly appreciate this cute article title!)in his hometown newspaper, the Skagway News. Have a looky at the article, you'll really gain some insight as to what this family has been through and overcome in less than a year. You'll also get to see a cute photo of the Leeth family at dessert time!

It just goes to show you how much heart lives within a small town. The local community is really pulling together to help the Leeth family. Just a few weeks ago, their local fire department raised over $1,000 towards Trapper's fundraising requirement. A local church is hosting a spaghetti dinner in Trapper's honor, the Skagway police department has an event coming up where a "criminal" can call friends and family to post his faux bond to bail him out of 'jail' and lastly a silent auction is being held this week. All the money raised from these events will be donated to 4 Paws for Ability in honor of Trapper Leeth.

Trapper still needs well over $11,000 before he raises the $13,000 required to bring home his autism assistance dog. A dog that will also be trained in search and rescue , which is crucial to keeping Trapper safe from the elements and natural wildlife that surround him and his home in remote Alaska.

If you have the heart to help this wonderful little boy, please visit 4 Paws for Ability and make a donation in honor of Trapper Leeth. Be sure to include Trapper's name on your donation! Just a few dollars, the money from your daily cup of coffee can add up quickly and make a huge difference for this family.

Lastly, a big thanks all that have posted about Trapper's Dog and spread awareness about Trapper and Autism. His family has been touched by all the support and warm wishes and all the awesome folks that have posted about him on their blogs. Thank you all!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Spay & Neuter Collars on Newsday Blog

So, we usually don't "toot our own horn" but we just got word that our spay & neuter collars are in a Newsday bloggers entry titled 'handmade fashions go to dogs'.

This is exciting for us, as we are very passionate about rescue and responsible pet ownership, thus the reason we've custom designed our line of designer dog collars to promote such an important cause.

By sure to check out the rest of the Cheap Thrills Newsday Blog - they provide links to a lot of crafters, etsy artists and DIY-ers that offer unique, high quality items you can't find anywhere else!

And, of course, follow this link to see the entire collection of Save Lives, Spay & Neuter collars for dogs AND cats!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Help this little boy bring home his assistance dog

A few days ago, I wrote to tell you about some plans to shift our autism donations to a group that provides service dogs to autistic children. I also metioned that google had guided me from link to link to link, which is how I arrived at 4 Paws for Ability. First though, I stumbled upon the webpage of Trapper Leeth, a 3 year old boy with Autism.

Trapper's family started updating their website after learning of his autism diagnosis in April, 2007. Guess what? Trapper has been approved for an autism assistance dog. Great news, right? YES! However, before he can bring his dog home he must meet his fundraising goal of $13,000. Not an easy task to begin with, but Trapper's fundraising is several months behind where it should be. Just days after Trapper's family was notified of their approval for a service dog, they were involved in a very serious vehicle roll-over accident. Trapper's mother, Jami, was hospitalized in Oregon and subsequently released to the care of her mother with strict orders not to travel. She returned home to Alaska, 3 MONTHS later - in body braces! Any of us parents out there know what an exhausting task it is chasing after a toddler, but can you imagine having this sort of set back?

Trapper & his family live in a remote area in Alaska. They must travel several hours by Ferry, to get much needed medical service for both Trapper and his mother. Have you ever traveled hours at time by boat with two small children? YIKES!

Please learn more about the Leeth family by visiting their website. You'll also find a wealth of information about autism, service dogs. Meanwhile, we will work hard to get the word out for Trapper. Don't forget, 15% of the proceeds from all Feline Fido Autism Awareness Dog Collars, Leashes & Key fobs will be donated to 4 Paws for Ability in honor of Trapper Leeth.

Please share this story, the more the word gets out, the more support we can rally to bring home Trapper's dog! Hopefully a business or entity with resources larger than ours will have the heart to help this beautiful, strong, inspiring family in Alaska. I hope that soon enough, we'll all be introduced to the dog that changed the world for this family.

Here is a slideshow of Trapper & his family.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Fate of rescued pugs in our hands...

The pug doesn't need to be your favorite breed to care about this announcement. You just need to be an animal lover at heart. If you are, you'll keep reading.

One of our favorite customers, Harry the rescued Pug, alerted us of an emergency financial state of Southeast Pug Rescue & Adoption (SEPRA). You see, Harry came from SEPRA, they saved him when he needed help, they provided his medical care, they found him the BEST home in the world and he wants to make sure that SEPRA is able to continue doing this for all the other lost, abandoned, neglected, abused and rescued Pugs out there!

So, for obvious reasons, we have designated SEPRA to be the recipient of our monthly Spay & Neuter donations program (15% of the sales from Spay/Neuter items are donated to a designated rescue each month). However, this month we are stepping it up a notch. Listen up, listen closely, get a pen, use your copy and paste functions, just do whatcha need to do to spread the word...This month we are donating 15% of ALL sales to SEPRA to any customer that uses the code: SEPRA during checkout. Now, what we need you to do, is start barking the news to all your animal obsessed friends...and some fashionably aware duds for Fido.

Come on people, save a pug! Don't forget, you can also donate directly to SEPRA. Their pug medical bills are throught he roof - read this letter from their President!!