Saturday, February 2, 2008

Help this little boy bring home his assistance dog

A few days ago, I wrote to tell you about some plans to shift our autism donations to a group that provides service dogs to autistic children. I also metioned that google had guided me from link to link to link, which is how I arrived at 4 Paws for Ability. First though, I stumbled upon the webpage of Trapper Leeth, a 3 year old boy with Autism.

Trapper's family started updating their website after learning of his autism diagnosis in April, 2007. Guess what? Trapper has been approved for an autism assistance dog. Great news, right? YES! However, before he can bring his dog home he must meet his fundraising goal of $13,000. Not an easy task to begin with, but Trapper's fundraising is several months behind where it should be. Just days after Trapper's family was notified of their approval for a service dog, they were involved in a very serious vehicle roll-over accident. Trapper's mother, Jami, was hospitalized in Oregon and subsequently released to the care of her mother with strict orders not to travel. She returned home to Alaska, 3 MONTHS later - in body braces! Any of us parents out there know what an exhausting task it is chasing after a toddler, but can you imagine having this sort of set back?

Trapper & his family live in a remote area in Alaska. They must travel several hours by Ferry, to get much needed medical service for both Trapper and his mother. Have you ever traveled hours at time by boat with two small children? YIKES!

Please learn more about the Leeth family by visiting their website. You'll also find a wealth of information about autism, service dogs. Meanwhile, we will work hard to get the word out for Trapper. Don't forget, 15% of the proceeds from all Feline Fido Autism Awareness Dog Collars, Leashes & Key fobs will be donated to 4 Paws for Ability in honor of Trapper Leeth.

Please share this story, the more the word gets out, the more support we can rally to bring home Trapper's dog! Hopefully a business or entity with resources larger than ours will have the heart to help this beautiful, strong, inspiring family in Alaska. I hope that soon enough, we'll all be introduced to the dog that changed the world for this family.

Here is a slideshow of Trapper & his family.


kristina said...

Hi----just wanted to let you know I got your kind email and will be in touch! Thank you for telling me abut Trapper and his family.

Kristina Chew

Julie - Feline Fido said...

Thank you, Kristina. I think what you do is absolutely wonderful. I have been learning so much through you!

Marla said...

This is great. I will put a post on my blog and our real soon.