Sunday, April 20, 2008

Harry Pugalicious promotes Do Da Day 2008

One of our favorite customers, Harry, the rescued Pug, was featured on his local news station to promote the upcoming event, “Do Dah Day 2008”. This event has become a yearly occurrence that benefits animal charities in the Birmingham, AL area. The Do Da Day event draws in approximately 40,000 visitors each year and has raised over ½ a million dollars for animal shelters in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Harry’s mom, Heather, rescued Harry from Southeast Pug Rescue & Adoption last year. Not only did she save Harry’s life, but she’s worked hard to send a message about responsible pet ownership and lend a helping hand amongst the rescue world ever since. We met Heather & Harry when they ordered a spay & neuter collar from us several months ago (which he happens to be wearing during on his big televison debut). Soon after, Heather nominated SEPRA as our rescue of the month for February 2008. She didn’t quit there, she’s now also on the board of directors for Do Dah Day. Kudos to you Heather, you truly are making a difference, and Harry, you are pugalicious indeed.

If you live in the Jefferson County area of Alabama, or you don’t mind taking a road trip to support a good cause and have a great time, be sure to check out Do Dah Day in Birmginham, Alabama on May 17, 2008!

Without further adu, we present to you Harry Pugalicious on Fox 6 News


GC Girl said...

Awww.. thanks for the kind words. We can't wait to check out the new spring designs!

~Heather & Harry

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