Monday, March 3, 2008

Shop for collars & help GREAT dane rescue

This month we've partnered with Heartland Great Dane Rescue. These folks are really fabulous. One of the most crucial aspects of dog rescue (in my opinion) is pairing up the dog with the right home, not just any home. Pile on the fact that when you are dealing with Great Danes, a giant breed dog - that becomes even more challenging for rescuers. Education is so key...potential adopters must know what is required of them when adopting one of these gentle giants. All too often, these loveable creatures get dumped simply because the previous owner 'didn't know they would get so big' or 'couldn't afford to feed them'. Argh...

Okay, okay, I'm getting off topic here, but my point is that rescue is HARD work. VERY hard work...and well...very expensive too. Heartland Great Dane Rescue has really put the time and effort into providing a wealth of education and information on the great dane breed that would be beneficial for all to read, but especially so, if you are considering adoption. They do their absolute best to ensure that every dane is fit with the right home, and they will not rush into an adoption just to get the dog placed. Large expenses, particularly medical to rehabilitate danes who have been abandoned, neglected, abused or diagnosed with medical conditions that were left untreated by their former 'families' are often incurred. Heartland also saves senior dogs (that might not otherwise stand a chance at a nearby shelter) so they can be placed in homes to live out their last years being pampered and spoiled!

Of course, this all comes with a price and it ain't cheap. The consensus of the general public is that adoption fees cover the costs associated with rescued animals, but in a lot of cases, adoption fees don't come anywhere close to covering the costs associated with saving, fostering and providing medical treatment. Again, add the increase of costs associated with providing care and treatment for a giant breed and you're looking at one hefty bill. Now, imagine that times multiple dogs and the numbers can be frightening! Wanna help them out? Read on, we're getting to that.

There are many, many fantastic rescues out there that do not get nearly the credit they deserve and this group of folks surely makes up one of them. If you want to add to your pooches wardrobe, but also do a good deed, pick up a collar or two from our store and type in the code: HGDR at checkout. Be sure to use the code - or we won't know your order is intended to help benefit Heartland.

And, of course, donations are much appreciated and desperately needed. You can even read through their list of available danes and choose a dog you'd like to donate to. That's right, if you fall in love with a face (did somebody say Dante??) you can contribute directly to the doggy that tugs at your heart strings! The other thing you'll like about these folks, is that they have found a way to provide you all the important details, but they talk down to earth and have a great sense of humor. You'll actually ENJOY visiting their site. Check it out!

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